Outdoor Fire Pits, Fireplaces and Grills

Enhance your outdoor living space with a brick fire pit, fireplace or built-in grill. We custom design our paver patios with these fire features to compliment your outdoor living area. The warm flames of a wood or gas burning fire pit or fireplace will bring your family and friends to gather closer. **All photos in our galleries are authentic and display original work performed exclusively by Dresen Landscaping LLC**
County Materials Summit Stone block fireplace in haven color with hush accents. Installed in Mount Pleasant, WI.
Summit Stone Fireplace
County Materials Summit Stone fireplace in Caledonia, WI
Summit Stone Fireplace
Unilock Brussels Dimensional block fire pit with gas insert in Caledonia, WI
Gas Fire Pit
County Materials Tribute block fire pit with gas insert in Mount Pleasant, WI.
Gas Fire Pit
A circle fire pit and seat wall made of Unilock Olde Quarry block in Sturtevant.
Circle Fire Pit
An outdoor kitchen and fire pit installed by Dresen Landscape Contractors, Racine, WI.
Grill and Fire Pit
A fire pit and outdoor kitchen installed in Union Grove, WI.
Grill and Fire Pit
Rockwood fire pit with a steel liner and cooking grate. Paver patio, walk and fire pit project by Dresen Landscape Contractors LLC, Racine, WI
Circle Fire Pit
Rockwood fire pit constructed by Dresen Landscape Contractors LLC, Racine, WI
Warm Seating Area
We can do square fire pits as well as round. The steel liner is surrounded with Unilock Brussels block to match the new paver patio.

Paver patio and fire pit project by Dresen Landscape Contractors LLC, Racine, WI,
Square Fire Pit
A scenic space is created beside Tichigan Lake in Waterford, WI with Unilock Stackstone fire pit, crushed granite and small boulder edge.
Lake Side Fire Pit
Large slabs of stone create a natural looking fire pit surrounded with decorative stone and small boulder edge.
Natural Fire Pit
Rosetta Belvedere fire pit has integrity of concrete block but has unique stone face for a random, natural look.
Belvedere Fire Pit
A natural slope in the back yard is broken by terraced retaining walls. Space is utilized by installing fire pit area.
Retaining Wall Fire Pit
A nook created by the curving retaining wall is used for a paver patio with fire pit. Project by Dresen Landscape Contractors LLC, Racine, WI,
Fire Pit Patio
A stainless steel grill built into a summit stone block cabinet in Union Grove, WI. A stainless steel door is added for access to the propane tank.
Stainless Steel Grill
Extend your kitchen into the outdoors. The stainless steel grill is built into a cabinet made of Summit stone block and a chiseled limestone counter top. Racine, WI
Outdoor Kitchen
This grill station defines your barbecue area and provides a decorative addition to your outdoor living space.
Grill Station
Rockwood fire pit includes steel liner and swing-out grate for barbecue cooking.
Rockwood Fire Pit
Base installed at edge of patio for installation on County Materials fireplace along edge of patio in Mount Pleasant, WI.
Outdoor Fireplace Base
Summit Stone fireplace installation progresses from base layer.
Outdoor Fireplace
Hearth and sides of fireplace are added.
Fireplace Hearth
Inner wall of fireplace constructed of fire brick to withstand high temperatures. Mantle made of red block adds a decorative accent.
Fire Brick and Mantle
Summit Stone outdoor fireplace is complete. It sits adjacent to paver patio made of tumbled Lexington pavers. Red Holland paver ribbon accents tie project together throughout the patio, fireplace and seat walls.
Project by Dresen Landscape Contractors LLC, Racine, WI,
Completed Fireplace