Our Process: Start to Finish


Contact us to begin your landscaping project. Our initial consultation is free of charge. We take the time to meet with you on-site to discuss your ideas, likes/dislikes and wish list for your landscape. We will also talk about budgets, fees, timing and any other issues important to the project. Following the meeting, we will begin to assemble a proposal to help you achieve your landscaping goals.

Design & Approval

A good design is the foundation to a successful landscape project. View our Plans & Designs gallery to view the professional quality of our designs. Depending on the overall size and scope of the project your landscape design could range from a simple sketch, to a complex landscape plan including computer drawings.

The complexity of your design will determine if a design fee would be charged. This would be determined at the initial consultation. The fee is applied to the project cost at time of installation.

3D Rendering of Patio Design 2D Rendering of Patio Plan

The design process is as follows:

Site Measurements

We will take detailed measurements of existing structural and landscape features on-site that are important to the project. We take photos and will note environmental features such as wind exposure, sun/shade zones and drainage patterns. We combine this field information, with any information you may have such as a plat of survey or house plans, to create the base for the landscape plan.

Preliminary Design and Quote

With the base of the plan complete we can begin to design the landscape. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Once finished, you will be presented a preliminary landscape plan and quote. Your preliminary landscape plan will have all of the landscape spaces laid out and will include specific details such as material selections and the exact type and size of plants. This allows you to better visualize the landscape and to make sure we have met all your project criteria. The preliminary quote includes an itemized list of the different parts of the project. This preliminary phase allows you to make any revisions prior to approval.

Final Construction Drawings and Approval

Once the scope and budget of the project is determined from the preliminary design and quote, detailed construction drawings and a final cost proposal is prepared for your final review and approval.

At this time, materials and their colors will be selected. We install hardscape materials from many different manufacturers and we will work with you on selecting materials that will fit your budget and style. We have many different paver and block samples at our office for your display.


Final Construction Drawings & Installation


Immediately following approval, we order the necessary material and have it delivered. We hand pick our plant material from local wholesale nurseries to ensure that it was grown in our soil types and climate. We make sure to have all the materials on hand at the start of the project to maximize efficiency. Prior to construction, we contact Diggers Hotline to locate all existing utilities. Once we start your project, we stay on the job until it is complete. Most of our landscape projects take between 1-2 weeks to install. 

During the construction phase of your project, we take every precaution to protect your house, and any existing concrete or landscaping work.

Landscaping Project Installation


When the project is complete, we clean up all leftover debris and restore any turf that was damaged during construction. Before we leave, we follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied. Once you are our customer, we are always there for you whether it’s to answer questions or to give advice on how to maintain your landscape for years to come.

Completed Residential Stone Patio