Dresen Landscaping's Residential Projects

Our range of residential services encompasses existing homes as well as new construction in communities such as Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha. We specialize in grading, hydroseeding, sod installation, landscape design, paver patios and walkways, as well as retaining walls.
New landscape beds are installed to this home in Mount Pleasant. Beds are edged with Unilock Brussels pavers.
New Landscape
Full yard landscaping of a newly constructed home in Mount Pleasant, WI.
New Home Landscape
This home's curb appeal is improved with new plants and hardscapes.
Curb Appeal
A grand looking entrance is created for this home in Somers by installing a new paver sidewalk, decorative stone beds and new plants.
Inviting Entrance
Interesting perennials and grasses mixed with colorful shrubs are currently popular.
New Landscape
An award winning landscaping done by Dresen Landscaping for the 'Savannah' model home in Kenosha.
Award Winning Landscape
New plants and decorative stone give this house new life.
Fresh Landscape (After)
Entertaining space installed along shoreline with rustic gold outcropping walls, Rosetta steps and Unilock Beacon Hill paver patio. Installed in Mount Pleasant, WI.
Lakeside Patio
Old timber wall and steps with overgrown shrubs hurt this Racine home's curb appeal.
Old Landscape (Before)
A new stoop and raised plant beds give this classic home new life. The new plants will provide year round color and interest.
New Landscape (After)
Rows of dated looking hedges in Racine, WI
Dated Front (Before)
Old hedges are replaced with a more modern and low maintenance landscape.
Refreshed Front (After)
We pick colors that will complement the home.
Colorful Design
Unilock Copthorne pavers give the appearance of old street pavers with a historical and distressed look.
Classic Looking Stoop
Overgrown hedges choke the front entrance of this home in Caledonia.
Overgrown (Before)
New plants and a sidewalk made of Unilock Brussels pavers create an improved entrance.
Tidy Landscape (After)
House lacks landscaping and interest.
Old Plantbeds (Before)
Front is updated with new shrubs and plant beds that have curved edges.
New Plantbeds (After)
Replace old concrete walkways with pavers.
New Front Walkway
New colorful plants replace outdated landscaping.
Refreshed Plantings
Ornamental grasses and shrubs installed a decorative border to patio
Patio Plantings
County Materials retaining wall, fireplace and paver patio extension installed in backyard of a Mount Pleasant residence.
Backyard Hardscapes
County Materials step units provide clean-looking, sturdy steps in Mount Pleasant, WI.
Step Units
County Materials oversize step units create beautiful staircase to beach area in Mount Pleasant, WI.
Oversize Step Units