Retaining Wall Installation Process

Step by step process of a unique project to replace failed timber retaining walls with block at a Racine area "earth home" (a residence built into a berm).
A completed Stonewall Select block retaining wall for an earth home in Racine, WI
Earth Home Retaining...
Flood water at an earth home yard in Racine. The supporting retaining wall of the home collapsed due to the heavy rain. Dresen Landscaping is offered a unique challenge in removing and replacing the earth home retaining wall.
Record Floods
Heavy flooding damaged the supporting timber retaining wall of the earth home.
Failed Timber Retain...
The timber retaining wall was heavily damaged due to record rains.
Collapsed Retaining ...
Our crew removes the damaged retaining wall.
Remove Failed Retain...
A steep berm is exposed after the removal of the failed timber retaining wall.
Steep Berm Exposed
Our crew surveys the work site in preparation for installing the new block retaining wall in Racine.
Crew Surveys Site
The homeowners chose County Stonewall Select block (grey color) for the new retaining wall.
Stonewall Select Ret...
The new retaining wall for the earth home in Racine is well underway. Erosion liner, geogrid, limestone gravel, and drain tile ensure minimum hydrostatic pressure from rainfall.
New Retaining Wall U...
The retaining wall is straight and level. Proper drainage is ensured with erosion barrier, geogrid, limestone and a perforated drain tile.
Install Block Retain...
Geogrid along with erosion barrier, limestone and drain tile behind wall ensure stability and longevity of the new block retaining wall.
Geogrid Adds Stability
Gravel is compacted as each course of block is added to the retaining wall.
Compacted Stone
Our installer uses a concrete saw to cut retaining wall caps on this project in Racine, WI.
Retaining Wall Near ...
Stonewall caps are moved to the work site as the block retaining wall nears completion.
Capping the Wall
Stonewall caps are secured with PL-400 adhesive, giving a finished look.
Securing Caps
Perforated draintile is installed behind the block retaining wall to divert water away.
Draintile Behind Ret...
The Stonewall Select block retaining wall is complete. The homeowner is now ensured of strong, long-lasting support for their unique home in Racine, WI.
Completed Project