Retaining Walls

We use quality materials and proper installation techniques to build your retaining walls. The style, color and size of the product are all considered for each wall. Retaining walls should have a long life span; to do so, we build them to the manufacturers' specifications making sure you will get decades of satisfaction. Not only will they be aesthetically pleasing and blend into your landscape, but they will also perform the function for which they were built. View "Page 2" of this gallery to see the process of installing a multi-tier retaining wall. **All photos in our galleries are authentic and display original work performed exclusively by Dresen Landscaping LLC.**
Our installers are experienced in building boulder retaining walls the correct way. Larger boulders are installed at the base and plenty of erosion liner is used behind the retaining wall.
Large Boulder Wall
Tiered boulder retaining walls are installed to break up the slope leading to the walk out basement.
Tiered Boulder Walls
A boulder retaining wall is installed to hold back weight from the driveway. (Racine, WI)
Wall Along Driveway
Boulder retaining walls can also be used for small projects such as edging the yard of this Racine home.
Short Boulder Wall
Boulder retaining walls and rustic gold snapped stone steps provide a natural looking solution for dealing with a slope. (Racine, WI)
Boulder Walls and Steps
The base is set at a Lake Michigan residence for sea retaining walls to be installed out of Lannon outcropping stones.(Racine, WI)
Lake Michigan Walls
Terraced sea walls with steps are constructed on a steep slope allowing easy access down to Lake Michigan.
Sea Walls Complete
Lannon outcropping stones are perfect when looking for a natural look. The stones' heavy weight make the retaining walls strong and stable. Retaining walls installed at private residence in Racine, WI along Lake Michigan.
Outcropping Walls
An picturesque patio is installed between the terraced outcropping stone sea retaining walls.
Lake Walls and Patio
Our crew looks over the scope of a retaining wall project with the homeowner.
Planning Stage
Our installers excavate the hillside at to prepare for installation of multi-tiered retaining walls in Racine, WI
Excavating Site
The initial base layer of StoneWall Select block is set into grade for block retaining wall in Racine, WI
Block Base Layer
Our crew continues construction in Racine, WI on multi-tiered retaining walls as the second tier is complete.
Construction Underway
Our crew lowers pre-cast concrete steps into place. The steps will provide access to the bottom of the yard through the retaining wall installed by Dresen Landscaping in Racine, WI.
Steps Installed
Geogrid is installed for stability, as well as erosion blanket. Perforated draintile and clear limestone is also installed behind the retaining walls to divert hydrostatic pressure.
Geogrid and Drainage
Stonewall Select caps are secured to the retaining walls.
Wall Near Completion
Red Holland pavers are installed between sets of steps to create winding pathway to bottom of retaining walls.
Finishing Touches
StoneWall Select block multi-tiered retaining walls are complete. Topsoil and mulch are added. Homeowners are ready to choose plants for finishing touch.
Tiered Walls Complete
Steps and terraced retaining walls are a creative solution to address a steep slope and narrow space allowing access to the rear yard at a Waterford lake property.
Narrow Space Terracing
Our crew found the perfect solution to create easy access to the lake on a narrow property with this retaining wall and step project in Racine county.
Narrow Space Solution
This retaining wall allows residents in Waterford to have additional usable space in a narrow side yard. The existing well pipe was cut down as needed.
Additional Space
A retaining wall installed along the rear of a yard provides space for a plant bed in Racine, WI.
StoneWall Select
This retaining wall was installed in Racine, WI to remove a steep slope on a side yard. The retaining wall allows better drainage along the lot line and creates a flat surface for a future sidewalk.
Side Yard Wall
6" x 6" timbers are another choice for retaining wall material. Racine, WI
Timber Wall